Where alpacas live - Korpoström

Welcome to the magical world of the alpacas! We are a small-scale breeder of alpacas, located by the port of Korpoström on the island of Korpo, in the middle of the Turku archipelago. We sell alpaca products and yarn spun from our own animals, and also arrange other animal-assisted activities. You’ll also find a homeport for small boats and a car parking area here. Please contact us and feel free to come on in!

Krogars liv

Korpoströms Gård is an agricultural property owned by Reinhard Jansson’s estate, and run by Micaela Jansson. Korpoströms Gård was called Krogars uptil the end of the 1700s and that name has been used again for selling alpaca products and services, i.e. Krogars Liv. We run a diverse venue, typical for the archipelago.

Firma Micaela Jansson (BPI 1883113-6)

  • Krogars Liv – processing of alpaca products and activities

Korpoström Farm / Reinhard Jansson’s estate (BPI 1318082-1)

  • Farm with alpaca breeding
  • Homeport and parking