Everything related to alpacas

Here at Korpoströms Gård, we’ve been breeding alpacas since 2012. We sell raw fleece and yarn while supplies last, and also arrange various activities and visits to the animals. Any alpacas we have for sale are advertised on our Facebook page.

We focus on alpacas of various colours. They are healthy, sound and manageable animals who help keep the pastures open at Korpoströms Gård.

Alpaca activities

Meet the alpacas:  July 2019 every day at 10:30  (not  1.7, 5.7, 25-29.7)
Reservations and payment  9:30 - 9:45 at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström, Exhibits, 2nd Floor. Korpoströmsvägen 832, 21720  KORPOSTRÖM www.skargardscentrum.fi.
Reservations can be made also by phone +358505767047 (Micaela).
Fee 14€ / person. Groups with more than 4 persons - 8€ for the fifth etc.
Duration 1-1,5h.  Feel free to contact us.

Why did we specifically choose alpacas?

Quite simply because you feel good from having alpacas around you. The discreet humming of alpacas is soothing to the soul. When you get up-close with the animals – close enough to look into their eyes – you are forever captivated – infatuated, enthralled and enamoured, even bewitched, to quote Anne Marie Santesson Gerber from Old Mölle Farm in Skåne.

Alpacas are very diverse animals – they can be used in landscaping as grazing animals, in healthcare as therapy animals and for other animal-assisted activities, for instance in tourism. They provide several kilos of luscious wool every year – wool that you can spin yourself, felt or spin in a machine for selling.

The animals originate from the mountains of South America, where they were domesticated approximately 9,000 years ago. The first animals were imported to Finland in the early 2000s from Peru and Europe.

Our alpacas

  • AoS Nooa, male, born 23 July 2008 Switzerland (also offered as a breeding stallion)
  • Korpoströms Enzo, male, born 4 June 2014 
  • Ylitalon Inka, female, born 26 July 2011 Hattula
  • AoS Amber, female, born 17 June 2009 Switzerland
  • Kelly, female, born 14 January 2004 Netherlands
  • Korpoströms Ninjo, male, 21 June 2015 
  • Korpoströms Nadja, female, 28 June 2015 
  • Korpoströms Nova, female, 24 June 2016

Krogars Liv
Krogarsvägen 21, 21720 KORPOSTRÖM
Tel. 050 576 7047