Parking area – short-term parking

There is a paid parking facility next to the farm with reserved annual spaces and a short-term parking area closest to  Korpoströmsvägen. The short-term parking area has P signs and is offered as a charged service. Fees are paid at the parking meter. Skärgårdcentrum Korpoström recommends that its visitors use the farm’s parking.

Address: Korpoströmsvägen 808, 21720 Korpoström
Failure to pay the parking fee will result in a surveillance charge of €40.
Direct debit can also be requested via telephone at +358 (0)50 576 7047, or via email at

Korpoström Hamn Ab

Homeport for small boats in Korpoström

We have a homeport for small boats in Korpoström. Billing occurs annually in April. All spaces are taken at the moment, however you are welcome to send enquires via email.

Information to boat owners: In the event of fire or other damage, each boat owner is responsible for making sure that the boat moored to the dock is insured.

Krogars Liv
Krogarsvägen 21, 21720 KORPOSTRÖM
Tel. 050 576 7047